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All Will Be Revealed....

I count myself as one of the lucky ones…

Through the teachings of Yoga, we are taught to trust in the process. I did just this and took my leap of faith into the unknown. I have been able to teach alongside many other amazing teachers around the globe, sharing my passion for yoga.

Sure, I remember back to the start, being all bright-eyed and “green” to the yoga scene and thinking that this life I was transforming into would be full of love and kindness. After all, I was moving from the corporate sector, anything had to be better, right?

Wrong! I was met with the harsh reality within my first 6 months of teaching to learn that Yoga is a business in today’s reality. So, I take this on board with the lessons of process in mind. I trust being open to “what is, just is”. I was led through what was a hard road to understand that life is what you make it!

Let me also add right here that if it wasn’t for the support of my people, particularly my “El Diablo Chicken”, there is no way I would be where I am right now, creating my own version of a Yoga Life.

I remember back to the days when I had no money, I used to ride my bike to the little Yoga Sala we had in Newcastle, Australia. Again, trusting that whoever showed up to yoga, was supposed to be there. Watching the stress pass over the money that I didn’t have or how I would pay my rent. My mission was to give all of me to those that arrived at class for that day.

Sure, I might have gone home and cried to my flatmates saying “I don’t know if I can afford rent this week” but as my last dollar would go, suddenly, my bank account would fill up the very next day. Funny, how the teachings of yoga shine through in every aspect of your life if you allow yourself to see them.

I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to go to Sydney on weekends, participating in an assisting course then assisting my teacher’s classes, I became a sponge, soaking up whatever information was offered.

Weekends became my happiest moments, me, and my little Red Beast, my then car - Suzuki Swift 1991 hatchback, travelling the highway. This car leaked so bad when it rained the passenger side floor would fill up with water, then grass would start growing in the mat. My car had a built-in garden. I loved this car by the way! I had $20 in my pocket for the weekend, but I made it work.

I spent a couple of years doing this just to learn from my teacher and someone that opened their heart and soul up to me. Why wouldn’t I? If you are on the path, you are on the path, and you understand there is no other way!

Now I have shared in yoga classes, retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings throughout the world. I believe that if you are supposed to be a teacher, you will be. Because it’s your life’s path – you don’t choose it, it chooses you.

Let’s face it! Sometimes reality is a big slap in the face with your yoga mat! But when we get through the other side, all is revealed. I never understood why I worked in HR, or why I took a role as an Assistant Manager, I completed a Travel Agent's course as a teenager, then I obtained a Diploma in Events Management, but why? I had no idea at the time. Ahhhh but patience my dear one, all is coming…

And here it is, all the skills and experience I gained from my past mystery choices have come to light 10+ years later. I get it now. Like a Bower Bird, I just had to collect the skills and knowledge I needed to be able to offer the most unique and authentic space for people to come into an understanding of themselves.

Talk about gratitude for my life! Every day is full of planning, running retreats, teacher trainings, workshops, or mentoring programs - all in my own bower bird-inspired Tara South Style :)

I watch the commercialisation of Yoga, determined to ensure that my own part in this process is considered personally ethical. For me, it's about the intention. The over-advertising of yoga is a great thing because so many people have now encountered a life-changing phenomenon, that may not have found it otherwise. Those that want to go deeper than the Asana (poses) will search for it. Those that want to stay in the Asana will have healthy movement in their life… everyone experiences the love of yoga right!

Now all this said brings me to this point…

I don’t live my life through “love and light”, as it’s not my Satya (truth). I don’t claim to be an enlightened being of this world. I am human. I share what has been my life’s story thus far through my teachings and writings. I am dedicated to assisting others to discover their own greatness, unlock their full potential, and live their truth, through the teachings of Yoga.

"The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap of faith in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will. The solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why" ~Albert Einstein~


A final note from Tara

Please if you have anything to share leave it here Care to Share Box. If you are looking to develop your practice and focus on your yoga journey, check out my online courses to help you find depth at your pace.

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