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Kind Words

Thank you to my Mandala Fam Bam for joining me for beautiful experiences, and sharing their kind words

I was seeking guidance for my spiritual journey and have tried a few mentors but it wasn't the right fit until I met Tara. I didn't even know she did this kind of thing, I just took the chance and asked anyways.  It was one of the best decisions I took for my journey, truly life changing. 

Monirah | Kuwait

Not only has Tara helped me get into poses that I thought impossible, she has helped me understand my body more – and shown me how to tailor poses for my body. Every time I am with her, I leave feeling elated, having shared so much laughter and received an abundance of spiritual guidance.

Sarah | Pakistan

I've attended many classes with Tara and taken part in her mentoring programme, both in person and online. I cannot tell say how much she has transformed my practice and my confidence to teach yoga. Tara's energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and strength are inspiring - I always leave feeling 1000% better than I did before. I truly don't know what my yoga journey would be without her! If you're looking for a yoga teacher/mentor, I could not recommend anyone higher.

Natalie | Morocco

I studied my 200YTT with Mandala YMR in 2021 and it changed my life. Tara’s passion for the yogic lifestyle along with her breadth of knowledge and worldly experiences means you will receive quality training in a caring and inclusive environment. I have since studied The Art of Assisting Yoga and 25 hour Yin with Mandala YMR and the training is by far the best I’ve experienced. Tara is sincere and authentic and creates a nurturing environment where you are supported well and truly after the training has finished. I cannot recommend highly enough!

Melissa | Australia

I’ve attended many classes taught by Tara and joined her on a meditation retreat in Bali. It was a beautiful experience as always to be guided by her to reconnect with myself. I’m so glad to have been a part of her yoga family.

Raghad / Kuwait

I remember the first time I met Tara. There was something about the energy I felt with Tara and so I kept me coming back to her classes. I call it the "Jing" to myself journey.


I kept coming to practice, and with each practice Tara will guide me through a journey to myself. I felt that she was tailoring each asana practice depending on my energy level. You noticed I am saying "my energy level" although it was a class. That's the beauty of practicing with Tara. 


The energy I experienced invited me to do Yoga Teacher Training with Tara. The journey was my rebirth. It didn't stop there. Tara's love and care carried out after the training through one on one sessions to make sure the transition to my routine life is done with love and balance. ​

Sarah / Kuwait

I first met Tara in 2010. I was instantly intrigued by her yoga teachings, captivating personality, warmth and focus to help improve her students' yoga experiences. I always look forward to practicing with Tara whenever she is in Australia or Asia with Mandala YMR.


If you're looking at starting out or are an experienced yogi, Tara will help enlighten and further enhance your yoga practice."

Chad / Australia

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