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Recovery can take place only within the context of relationships;
it cannot occur in isolation.
~ Judith Herman ~

Holding a safe space for you through one-to-one counselling sessions, offering a holistic person-centred approach to complex trauma counselling, means sessions can range from us sharing in traditional talk therapy, through to a variety of somatic practices. Together we will find the therapeutic options that allow you as the individual to find a comfortable way of working with your experiences, and restoring your power to make your own choices.

Session offered both online and face to face when we are in the same place. 
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Counselling Investment

One-to-One Call
1 hour

A single session is for those that have already had sessions with me and are requiring a little top-up! I'll ask some questions through email beforehand. 
5 Sessions
1 hour per session

Five sessions will allow us to focus on your current space, create and begin your holistic journey of where you want to be. 

10 Sessions
1 hour per session

Ten sessions will give us quality time together to source, plan, and try therapeutic methods that work best for you., to move you towards your goals.

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