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Externally Present?

Separation from my present moment is proving to be difficult, time seems too quick to catch, and life is moving moment by moment!

We hear living presently is key, and at this moment my life is held so strongly in the present moment that the past and future seem so external from me. So much so that I cannot even make a decision or plan for the future…

Is there such a thing as living too present in the moment?!?

This is what I know: We must remember our past with fondness, our future is written to what we do not know. our present moment is perfect and life can make us happy if we live in the present.

However external you feel, witness what is and whatever challenges you are given.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall….


A final note from Tara

Please if you have anything to share please post in the Care to Share Box. If you are looking forward to concluding your 2021, take a look at my Wrapping Up The Year offering!

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