Wrapping Up The Year 

Chakra Clearing . Taking Inventory . Setting Intentions.

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The Essential Tools to Finalise Your Year​

As the end of the year approaches, we're given a golden opportunity to review, refresh and rebalance to start the new year with intention. To encourage us, I'm delighted to be providing these essential tools to finalise our year and start the next with my Wrapping Up the Year offering.

And, as we're all unique in our ways of processing, you have the freedom to decide what tools you use!

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Workbook | Wrapping Up Your Year 

I have created a workbook, which gives you the prompts and exercises to allow you to effectively finalise your year. This can be done at your own time and pace for full reflection.

Live Class | Chakra Clearing | 11th December

Begin concluding your year with a LIVE 90-minute Chakra Clearing Class.  Let me guide you through the chakras using meditation, flow and pranayama for full-body energy cleanse. Perfect for preparing body and mind for the workbook tasks.

Live Class | Resolutions | 8th January

Finalise your wrap up and start the year as you mean to go on with my 90-minute Resolutions LIVE class. Let's set up and embody our intentions with some movement, breath and meditation. A great way to embed all the efforts you have put into your workbook.

BONUS | Guided Meditation

For something extra, enjoy an accompanying recorded meditation. Though this has been Specially made for mental clarity before starting the workbook, this can also be used anytime your mind needs a little peace.

Wrap up your way

Taste Test

Explore the idea of concluding your year by purchasing the workbook OR ONE live class.
Price: $̶2̶5̶  $20 USD (save $5)

Find Depth

Get more out of your workbook by attending ONE live class to find greater depth and clarity.
Price: $̶5̶0̶  $37 USD (save $13)

Complete Process

Have the full wrapping up experience by practicing both classes, which have been specially designed to fully support your workbook tasks.
Price: $̶7̶5̶  $55 USD (save $20)

BONUS! Add a Guided Meditation for just $10! 

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"I had no idea that through Tara’s teaching I would genuinely unlock another side of me that I’d never met before! "

~ Holly (UK)