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Where is Your Truth?!?

Internal conflict is a place where we can live. Perhaps every day for some…

Questioning decisions made, planning for what may never come, and then for a split second, we find strength in stillness.

But questioning comes from truth - “Satya”! How much can we really share?!? We have plenty to offer, but how much do our human minds actually want to hear? Can our eyes handle the decay, and can our ears listen to the soundtracks of other lives?

We often sit in a world of quandary. Confused by the voices in our heads, irritated by the truth, and angered by how out of control things seem at times.

We’ve all walked the steps of a relationship to nowhere. We've been bruised by jealousy, and we could all stare down the barrel of a loaded love rifle with courage in our hearts…

But the truth comes from our times of stress, heartache, and a yearning that will not quieten in the mind's eye. And when our questions are questioned, a simple word is prominent – "why".

From life itself, we are asked only one thing - to live our Satya. To speak your truth. To live your truth and to share your truth…

But have you found the space where your truth comes from???


Final words from Tara

Perhaps this post has arisen something about your truth and Satya. If there is anything that ever comes up with my posts, you are always welcome to reach out to me at any time. This is why I have the Care to Share box.

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