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Soul Wisdom

The journey of moving forward is never an easy one.

We face the fear of failure, anxieties of the unknown, and just a general all-around discomfort that sits directly in our gut or Manipura chakra space.

But a question we might ponder is “what is left if we don’t jump, if we don’t take that step into the unfamiliar, if we don’t walk that pathway that we pass?” Perhaps one day or even now we may notice an itching under the surface, scratching at the walls of our skin from the inside, memory failure, confusion, or maybe even a complete system burnout!

Do you listen? Do you hear? Do you actually sit with yourself and uncover your own philosophy!? Or do you sit in the structure of what society tells you to? The conditioning that tells us to walk down the straight and narrow? What would happen if we were to break the bonds that keep us contained, conformed, and censored! Would we feel life more? Or maybe it’s the numbness to living that we enjoy.

There is no right or wrong, no black or white. However, there is you. And you are allowed to do exactly what you choose; not what society tells you! You can create your own world as you choose. Your soul is everlasting in the scale of time and freedom is through the creation of our human mind, allow the calling of your courageous heart to be ruthless in the face of adversity.

Let go, run wild with me

~ Butterflies rising ~

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