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Holding Pattern

Welcome to Capturing Moments, my new weekly diary. I'm delighted to be sharing this special space with you, where I will be able to share my romantic ramblings and curious mind with all of you. Every piece will be a moment in time captured, that has inspired me, and I hope inspires you.

So without further is my first Capturing Moments diary entry, which is stuck in a Holding Pattern.

Auto control on and flying…

Around and around and around, feeling the sweeping U-turns in every cell of your body, the feeling of being stuck in a holding pattern has occurred.

And so we fly in the oval shape that has been set as our course of flight for this moment in time. The mind knowing that there is a destination set, the body yearning to land but time suspends us in the moment, for how long, it appears unclear.

So we settle in. We get our comfy clothes on, slip off our shoes and prepare to sit and wait. Allowing whatever time needs to pass, too gently slip by. Page after page in the book you read, time goes by, feeding you information and knowledge that you didn’t have a page ago. The TV shows you have, have all been used up and now it’s time to move.

You packed your bags, filled them up in fact. You didn’t even leave room for an extra pair of shoes. Instead, you decided it would be perfect to pack everything you own. After all, you never know what to expect if you hold no expectations.

The air has gotten a little chilly so you ask for a blanket, perhaps a glass of wine and maybe you will sneak a little sleeping tablet, to see if you can sleep away the time. You can feel the butterflies of nervous excitement in your belly, your little pink heartbeats so loud that you can hear the echoing vibration in your ears, and so you close your eyelids, they feel like they have been lifting weights over the last few months, they are telling you it’s time to rest.

You wake with a glimmer of hope, you feel a small descent in your tummy, a little drop closer to the ground but then you look at the calendar and the date circled to land is still four weeks away, and here you are still circling the perfect oval shaped holding pattern that was set for you. Oh time, you can be such a nasty beast…

When we think time is an illusion, does it move faster or does it just suspend us in space? The question remains.

All you can do is sit and wait.

"Time is more valuable than money.

You can get more money, but you cannot get more time"

~Jim Rohn~

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