The Moons That Pass You By...

Each time a Full moon passes, it gives us the space for understanding and setting standards on what we really want to step into.

To realise and release what no longer serves us, and exist in our highest form…even if that means hiding in the corner with a bottle of Cognac.

Each time a New Moon passes it gives us the space to initiate and integrate what we have understood about ourselves from the Full moon that passed by our skies just a couple of weeks before…and if that means a second bottle of Cognac, well so be it!

Now whether you believe in the energy of our atmosphere, or not, you might just use this as information that passes you by as the moons do…

Tides are created because the Earth and the moon are attracted to each other, just like magnets are attracted to each other. The moon tries to pull at anything on the Earth to bring it closer. But, the Earth is able to hold onto everything except the water. Since the water is always moving, the Earth cannot hold onto it, and the moon is able to pull at it.

We as humans are over 60% water. Including our brain, heart, lungs, muscles, kidneys, and even our bones…

When we think about how much the tides are affected by the moon’s movements and gravitational pulls, mirror this thought within your body and the fluids/liquids contained within each of us.

Women bleed around the moons. From our serotonin levels (moods, appetite, sleep) all the way down to our adrenal glands (stress, energy, blood circulation), are affected like the ocean tides. We move up and down even when we don’t know about it.

So maybe the myth of “we turn into werewolves” when the Full Moon occurs can, in part, be taken as truth.