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Mandala YMR Teachers Mentoring Group

I feel it's my duty as well as passion to help guide, support and encourage new and developing yoga teachers. This world can be a difficult one to navigate at times, and it's nice to create a safe community where we can turn to if needed! After connecting with so many wonderful budding teachers in Newcastle through recent events, I'm delighted to be hosting the Teachers Mentoring Group at The Open Mind Space

The Teachers Mentoring Group 

This program is for yoga teachers within the Newcastle area who have completed their 200hr YTTs and are looking to connect with like minds in the industry, or perhaps looking for a little support on their journey as a teacher. This is for any teacher - whether you are just starting out as a teacher, coming back to teaching, getting prepared to teach in the future, or looking for encouragement with personal development. You don't need to be teaching to take part - the aim of this group is to help you grow, feel confident and fully prepared for when you do decide to teach. 

The Group Meetings

The group is a safe space for us to come together in Sangha (community) to share and receive. I will guide the group through the upcoming months with a monthly theme for us to focus on. Although I will be guiding the group, your commitment, input and participation is key to making the group expand! The themes we will be covering over the next few months are designed for us to discuss and work on together, but to also encourage queries and concerns to be voiced, especially as we start to morph as a group. 

We will meet as a group once a month at 12 noon for 90 minutes at The Open Mind Space.  Our first meeting is on 29th May, but you are welcome to join the group at any time. 

The Buddying System 


For support in between sessions, we will be working with a buddy system. I will be playing matchmaker and buddying each mentee so you have someone to bounce things off and practice with throughout the month before we come back together again! I will also remain available through our Teacher Mentoring Group for any questions and assistance I can offer. 

The Community Class

A branch off of our mentoring program is the new Community Classes, which will take place fortnightly on Saturdays, 10.45am - 11.30am, at The Open Mind Space. This class will be non-paid to teachers and assistants, as we will utilise the community class as our educational session. For those of you who would like to participate in any teaching, assisting, or practice assessments with me, this will be our time.  I have used this method globally and it’s such a great way to get a real-life experience as a teacher, assisting teacher, or to develop within your own practice through asana assessments.  
Even if you are not teaching or assisting in a Community Class, I would still encourage you to come to support your peers (and to have a lovely self-practice of course!). Classes are free to attend, but donations are welcomed!


The Investment

Your investment for a space in our Teachers Mentoring Group is $25.00 per month. Payment details will be given once your place has been secured in the group.

To sign up to take part in the Mandala YMR Teachers Mentoring Group, please complete

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Words from our Mandala Yoga Family

Each time I teach I feel more confident and I always feel I can share any thoughts and challenges as they arise. Beyond grateful for the opportunity to be mentored by Tara given her extensive experience.

Student | Newcastle

I've cracked and come out of my shell more. I've engaged more and I've not only kept consistent with my practice but also gained more practice. I'm beginning to teach more often and I love every day of it. 

Student | Newcastle

Tara has a wonderful rapport with her students and fellow teachers and this is what draws people into her spaces.

Student | Newcastle

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