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Be Where Your Feet Are...


This is a little something I wrote some time ago when I just landed back home after one of my wanderings. Although I have been back in Newcastle for a while now, I still find this piece very resonating. With the current situation here, I get to see my home at different angles, with different eyes, as the world changes and transforms before them. I still feel I am constantly, in many ways, landing back home.

It's 2:00 in the morning, jet lag has pulled my eyelids open, coffee is calling my name repeatedly.

My body is slow making movements my mind is aiming for, and my intellect has taken a back-row seat at the cinema showing the movie called “My Life”. I’ve just landed in my hometown - Newcastle, Australia and here I find myself with the computer turned on.

I have been of the understanding that life gets easier as you get older, and so diving in headfirst to the experience of it was only natural. I have come to understand that the reality depends upon the height you choose to dive from and whether the tide is in or out.

Through our emotions we create memories, and the memories dictate our experience of a time and event. As we age gracefully our memories give us a comparison, expectations, or even yearnings to recreate something that was in the past. The memories I have from my hometown are subtle - the doorways of change are open and warm summer sea salt breeze is present.

The public transport of my consciousness is running on time, so I put out my arm and hail down the bus. The bus pulls to a stop at the street corner of my heart. I take a deep breath and step inside, and the intuition driver tells me to "take a seat, there’s lots to see". So it begins, the ride to my innermost memories.

The streets remain the same however the traffic has increased. The volume has been turned up on what was the gentle hum of the city, and the graffiti art is colourful on my inside walls are more vibrant. So, I can sit back and admire the noise in the colour with the birds serenading the sunrise as I journey back down memory lane and cherish the experiences that have driven me to this very moment in time.

The feelings of landing back home and being where my feet are. Enjoy xxx


A final note from Tara

If this blog resonated with you and there's an experience you'd like to share, please comment below or pop me a message in my Care to Share box. You can also embed some grounding and self-healing practices with my Yin: A Tonic Release Class Series. Allow yourself to turn inward and gift your body time in the present.

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