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Such an interesting concept is that of time. We live daily to a time frame of being at work, exercising, cooking, cleaning, socialising, and sleeping, all done to a clock…

But what is time? A constraint? A restraint?

We run around often saying “I’m late!” But only does the mind take this approach. We all have our own internal clock (Circadian Rhythm), which is governed by our body's internal or biological needs, located deep within the brain. This governs not only our sleep and wake patterns, but our hunger, heart, mood, stress, and mental alertness.

We must be realistic about this. Most of us live in a society where we have “Time Frames”, and really our regular human society needs to have this. A lot of us would not function with having nothing to strive towards or work with on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. We have become conditioned to this, and there is no right or wrong in any of it, it just is.

But if you could change your mind’s approach to time, would you start to view a difference in your daily patterns, goals, and achievements? Could you start to alleviate your stress, release your burdens? By starting the change in your mind, you start the flow effect into all facets of your life, like the water of a waterfall pouring downward, so is the change in your mind.

Try to take a day soon, where you don’t look at your phone a hundred times. You don’t open your computer. You don’t reach for your iPad. You just switch the outside world off and live in your internal rhythm, watch your happenings. Observe and bear witness to what occurs in your world. You might be pleasantly surprised...

Time is a created thing, to say “I don’t have time” is like saying “I do not want to”
~Lao Tzu~


Final words from Tara

When you decide to take time from the world and go inward, I recommend you take your practice in the same direction with my 'Yin - Meridian Focus' Class Series. Take time to find sweetness in the stillness.

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