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So at the end of the day, when everything is said and done, you go to bed and lay your weary head.

You can calmly close your eyelids, and sleep deeply knowing that you lived your day, as simple as breathing. You have no anxious disturbances pulling at the bedsheets, and your day that is now past, flowed downstream, not down the drain.

Too often we complicate everything, all from making a decision of the mind, rather than intuition or feeling. Anxieties only grip the pit of our gut, because we allow them to. The entanglement of the mind, entrapment of the heart, and the straight lines of our truth are all elegantly braided together creating a messy masterpiece. They are weaving from a tiny seed in our mind into a weed that we then need to take time to uproot and dispose of.

We are weeded from the ground at times, and sometimes we need to be planted. That's the ebb and flow of life force itself. The reminder is so simple, as this is the answer to the question asked. What's the simplest way to exist? Keep it simple. Allow your mind to expand to the bridges of time and burn them down with the sheer courage of your soul. Give your pallet every colour ever imagined and seek knowledge from those who simply pass you by, through the tides of time that create years...

Surround yourself with good people. Laugh loud and a lot. Turn up the volume to the soundtrack of your life. Allow your money to come and go, work with passion, love with all your heart, speak your truth, laugh at yourself when you fall, learn as you stumble, get back up, and do it all again.

My darling...wouldn't life be ever so simple?


Final words from Tara

If you are looking to give yourself some inner love, rediscover balance and explore a lifestyle of self-healing and grounding, keep an eye on my Instagram for a new offering being announced soon!

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