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Cocoon away from the outside world and breathe...

I have been curating retreats internationally for the last 10 years, each space and place we visit holds a special kind of ness. Our retreats are sacred, they are a space for you to cocoon away from the outside world and breathe.
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Upcoming Retreats

Yuraygir National Park 
July 2023

Live, practice & breathe in the trees for three delicious winter days in Australia. Outdoor fires, warm cozy practices, cocooned in nature.
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Coming soon in 2023

Let's get nestled high up on the Eastern slopes of Mt. Barukaru in a hidden mountain home to dive deep into true yogic living.
Coming in 2024

Runaway with me to the stunning Moroccan coastline where the anti-Atlas mountains meet the Atlantic Ocean for the perfect escape.
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