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Only Yoga Can Bring

A friendship from my peripheral vision. A love that has given me the strength to walk the steepest of mountains. A humble place nourished and shield by you…

I know that time between now and then will seem fleeting, almost animated. A surreal hue of change in the air, inevitability my heart holds a heaviness to know that my eyes won’t wake up with yours every day. Salad will no longer be a part of my breakfast view, and a face that some people would say is indecipherable, I find illustratable to your soul…

Our sands of time are on their final hours. But if time is infinite, then there is no beginning or end.

We are just in the middle.

I have experienced your 32 flavours (and then some) and I feel blessed that this was our writing. This was our destiny, and to always know that when my soul flies through evening slumber, I come to visit you...

All the love in my heart T xxx

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