Tara South

Welcome, I’m so happy you’ve landed here.

I’m Tara South, the Founder of

Mandala Yoga Meditation Retreats.

Whatever path has led you to here... 

I’m so excited to share my world with you. And perhaps, if you like it, you’ll explore and join me here.

But first, let me introduce myself.

"It is here where my soul recognises your soul, where there is no distance or difference between us. It is here where we breathe the same air, we share a very similar skin, and we walk upon the same earth. It is here where we are the same, where we are one"

~ Tara South ~

I'm Tara

Hello out there, I’m not going to tell you about my ‘profound’ journey or serve out a generic 'motivational' yoga speech. That’s not what I'm about. I’m going to cut the BS and get straight to the real deal.


Aussie born, my travelling soul came to this world in what has felt like the wrong era. By 17, I took my Dad’s advice:

"go travelling, don't look back, don’t get married, don’t get pregnant"! And so, my old free soul still sings these words to this very day. 


Dog-lover, cat-hugger, goat-whisperer, whether it’s on two legs or four, I make best friends with everything. My people can call me at any time of the day, even if it’s 4.00 am, because I will already be up! Yep, that's right! That's when you'll find me meditating, so I might not answer...but as I land back in the real world, never fear, I will always get back to you.

I simply love to watch (not in a weird stalky way though). I mean watch my yoga family far and wide. For this, I love Instagram. Yet I bloody hate Instagram. The over-commercialisation of the world freaks me out. Like an ex-partner, how can something that looks so nice make you feel so excluded and unworthy.  I simply love to get lost in wild mother nature, depict pieces of art and I don't mind a good Netflix binge ;)













And, putting on my serious specs now...


I see how exclusive everything feels. The only way I know how I can try to fix this is by creating an inclusive community in a world that has become exclusive.  I really feel that Yoga gives me, and others, a space to step into the quiet, to put us in touch with our feeling body. It rips away the facade and layers that we put over ourselves to get through the day to day challenges of life. In this space, we are one, and we must remember that we are still human at the end of the day.


Yoga is not what I do, it's my lifestyle. It’s my medicine, my rituals, my guidance, my coming home. And my passion is to share it with the world. Through my 20 years of discipline to the art of yoga, and my more recent trauma therapy background, I have deepened, discovered and expanded. This is my path and it is ever-evolving. It's what I share with you on and off the mat. It's the REAL DEAL! To simply observe and let the truth unravel, allowing us to build and deepen connections.


Don’t get me wrong, the road is never smooth. It is long, bumpy and sometimes full of shit. I've made some shifty choices, shed buckets of tears, but then came to the true, raw realisation of my reason for being on this earth. 


I exist to create a safe space where people can open up to their internal feelings and experiences so they can grow into understanding. 

Now my babes, if you like what you hear, it’s up to you. Have a little look around. Then let’s catch up, over a huge pot of coffee and a block of chocolate, or a glass of wine and big meaty burger, and talk about everything and nothing. 


All my love,


Start exploring...