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Yoga Mentoring - "Tara Time"

Firstly, let us just say that Tara did not name this service - strangely enough her clients did :)

No matter what we called the one on one integrated mentoring programs, you guys just kept asking for "Tara Time".  So...be careful what you wish for, here it is, a mentoring service for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Lovers that want to focus on their personal, professional and spiritual development. Your health and wellbeing on an unlimited level.

Who is "Tara Time" for?

We all have moments of feeling stuck in our world. Stuck in our yoga practice, our work, our levels of understanding, our levels of engagement, our levels of interest... It's time to carve out a space in your week for your own development. Development based on your mental, physical and emotional self. 

In a nutshell it's for two types of Yogi's...

Through a range of carefully curated topics, Tara will take you through an opening of heart and mind, an opening sequence based on the Yoga Sutras, Chakra's, Meridians, Meditation and Mindful Work & Purpose concepts. It's all about the practice you do on and off the mat - in theory and in practice.  

Tara Time is your clear, independent and personal space where you can engage, question, learn and develop your personal and professional life.

So how does it work?

Once you have booked your One on One Chats or Tara Time Packages, Tara will be in touch to organise your upcoming discussions. Prior to the catch up, you will receive a Client Intention form via email. This form encourages you to think about what your purpose is for the sessions.

There will be homework!  Yep, good ol' fashioned homework :) Think of Tara Time like working on a project, you will want certain outcomes. In this case though, the project is You.  

If you want to engage in Tara Time in a flexible way, you can choose Tara's One on One Chats.

One on One Chats are perfect for people that want to focus on one topic, at a time of their choosing. You will go through the individual session with Tara and continue with your project homework in the days following.

This is a more self lead, sporadic engagement with Tara Time experience.


Most commonly requested topics...

  • Understanding Sutras & Dosh's

  • Standing in your purpose

  • Learning your value

  • Yoga Pose Alignment

  • Owning Your Own "Stuff"

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Understanding Chakras

Tara Time is a "choose your own adventure" world, so all you need to do is have a think about the key areas you are "stuck" in and reach out.

Investment of $150 USD

Investment of time: 1 hour teacher led, 1 hour homework self led.

Tara Time Mentoring for Yoga Professionals

Comes in a 5 pack of one hour sessions or 10 pack of one hour sessions.


You choose your own personal and professional development journey from the brief outline of topics below, or in conversation with Tara, depending on your own needs and areas of development:

  • Your Goals and Dreams

  • Your Why - Discuss your Why, and uncover your core - Why you do what you do..

  • Your Value - Learning to articulate and understand your Value

  • Your Uniqueness - Discover your uniqueness, as a teacher and a human

  • Your Authenticity - Gain confidence in what you bring to the world through YOUR interpretation of Yoga

  • Your Self - How to energetically protect yourself and your own wellbeing, while caring for others

  • Your Chakras - Develop your understanding of chakras and teaching from this deeper perspective

  • Your Yoga Styles - What style of Yoga most resonates with you as a teacher? Discover and discuss the different types, history of and benefits to each style.

  • Your Meditations - Different styles & benefits of regular practices. Walk the talk.

  • Your Yoga Deepening - Discuss who you are through the teaching's of The Yoga Sutras, Doshs, Ashtanga "8 limbs", and work out who you are as person, so you can teach from your heart and give of yourself when you teach.

  • Operation Burnout - So many teachers find "Burnout" in their first year of teaching. Learn the signs of burnout and how to balance yourself.

Investment for 5 Pack $725 USD

Investment of time: 5 hours teacher led, 5 hours of homework self led

Investment for 10 Pack $1400 USD

investment of time: 10 hours teacher led, 10 hours of homework self led

Tara Time Mentoring for Yoga Lovers

Comes in a 5 pack of one hour sessions or 10 pack of one hour sessions.


You choose your own topics of interest to work through with Tara's suggestions:

  • Your Goals and Dreams - Set your intention through Goals. Generate a precise understanding of this time you have committed to your self.

  • Your Why - Being able to understand what motivates you in life. Why you are who you are, and how that ties in with your present world.

  • Your Values - Determine your core values in life. Are you living them? If not, why not?

  • Your Self - Self care, gentleness and permission. Learning to deal with the self on your mat.

  • Your Chakras - What are these? How can you know if you are deficient in a particular chakra or how to work on your own chakras.

  • Your Meditations - Discover the purpose of meditation, its many benefits and how to integrate meditation into your daily routine.

  • Your Yoga Deepening - Start to learn more about the depth of yoga and how this relates to your already formed beliefs, morals and ethics through the Sutras, Doshs, Ashtanga 8 limbs

  • Perception of Self - Our biggest battle in life is head vs. heart! You are what you think, and what you think you become.

  • Your Healthy Relationships - Learning about the relationship you hold with yourself and then transforming that into your external relationship, friends, family, partners. 

  • Accepting your Shit - Owning your actions, learning to breathe before your speak and observing how you act and react…. Very close to Tara's heart this one...

Investment for 5 Pack $725 USD

Investment of time: 5 hours teacher led, 5 hours of homework self led

Investment for 10 Pack $1400 USD

investment of time: 10 hours teacher led, 10 hours of homework self led

Words from our Mandala Yoga Family



I was seeking guidance for my spiritual journey and have tried a few mentors but it wasn't the right fit until I met Tara. I didn't even know she did this kind of thing, I just took the chance and asked anyways.  It was one of the best decisions I took for my journey, truly life changing. 


The space she created for me was safe, nonjudgmental and I felt like I can just be and say anything. 

Tara has given me guidance to find my purpose, let go of my shame and the confidence and courage to initiate what I want to do in my life and to be independent. 


Thank you Tara for being you and thank you for being able to extend your gifts to others.



My time with Tara has been the most memorable and beneficial of my yoga journey!


Not only has Tara helped me get into poses that I thought impossible, she has helped me understand my body more – and shown me how to tailor poses for my body. Every time I am with her, I leave feeling elated, having shared so much laughter and received an abundance of spiritual guidance.


Tara has great energy, my ‘Tara time’ is my favourite time!