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Wherever my feet land me in the world, I share my love of yoga. The reason I came to teaching yoga is because I wanted to share with others what I received through my years of yoga practice - yoga spun my entire life around by a full 180-degree turn, on and off the mat! It's often forgotten that teaching yoga is a Karmic role - you gift a person with space and time for themselves through a beautiful 5000-year-old lifestyle. This ancient tradition is something to be cherished and upheld, and it's my role and honour to bring that to others. I teach because I am passionate, dedicated and humbled by this primaeval lifestyle, not because I'm a yogi. 

But to immerse yourself into such a sacred practice requires a journey. A continual journey of self-exploration that is unique for every practitioner. And that's where my classes differ to others. I offer people a journey of the self, not me.

I uphold a space where the beginning and the end meld into one, for a full nourishing and never-ending cycle. I'm all about walking my talk and sharing my Sadhana (daily practice), where you will find complete grounding and, in time, discover your inner stillness.  The Asana (poses) are the vessel to get to the stillness. And it's only when you reach the stillness, that you will be able to listen and see the truth. 

“Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self to the self” ~Bhagavad Gita~

What can you expect from my classes?

Well from any Vinyasa, Rocket or power class expect blood (pumping), sweat (dripping) and tears (of laughter!). We will have loads of fun, great music and cheesy puns - I can only apologise in advance. But don't worry, you'll be given the time to relax and gather yourself in a long, deep Savasana. I guarantee you will walk away feeling invigorated and re-energised with a beaming smile! 
If your choice is to join one of my Yin, restorative or meditation sessions, I will guide you through an exploration of the self. We will observe the stillness and uncover any parts of you that are hiding. You will leave feeling rested, soft and maybe a little stoned.

Who can come?

Everyone and anyone, If you have time to grace me with your presence on your mat while I’m around then I welcome you to share this space of home with me.  I welcome all level’s of practitioner to join my classes, and I assure you that throughout each class I offer options, assists and guidance to ensure you are comfortable throughout the session.

So, where am I teaching?

Below are the places I have regular classes booked in, and I would be honoured to see you there. But you know I get itchy feet, so make sure you check back here regularly for any updates on where I've landed!


For a little while, I'm back in my old stomping ground of Taghazout, Morocco. I first came here 8 years ago, and I'm back again for another whirl. Collaborating with Surf Maroc, I'm managing and working with an awesome team of yogis in multiple beautiful spaces.
You will find me teaching weekly open classes Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Ashtanga and Hatha classes at Amouage hotel and L'Auberge B&B. These are drop-in classes, so just check the weekly schedule and come on in!
If you're fancying a fuller yoga experience, along with a little bit of surfing, I'm also co-teaching Yoga Surf Retreats at Villa Mandala. Escape with me to the Moroccan sunshine so we can enjoy lots of time together in the shala and around the table with sumptuous meals!
Don't forget, Yoga Teachers, I'm also running two 50hr Yoga Teacher Training courses at Villa Mandala in August 2020. Find out more here.


For me, this place is pure bliss - La Réserve, Genève. I'm delighted to be coming back for a week in March to teach in this beautiful space.
During my week here, from 23 - 27 March, I will be teaching daily flow sessions with Vinyasa, Hatha and my very own Mandala Flow class. All delivered with lightness and humour, serving all level practitioners. 
Then in the evenings, I will be grounding the class with relaxing Yin, Restorative and Meditations sessions. Enjoy winding down your day with me, and I guarantee this will be followed by a good night's sleep!
Find out more about my week in Genève here

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