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Soul Space

I stopped for a moment.

Paused. Silent. I could hear myself breathe. I could hear myself talking over and over all the conversations running through my mind, knowing what’s right, what’s wrong. Time in between. Nothing. Silence. It’s perfect! Separating mind, from body, from emotion and then there is just me, I am not of this mind, not of this body, not of this feeling but I am the thing that lives inside it all. I am everything and nothing at the same time. And then there is you, my human, my shell, my outer layer, and my vessel that moves and protects everything that I am.

The words “self-love” seem to come flooding through our world now every day, the relationship that our soul has with our human, maybe you’re aware that over time this bond has been tested and tightened again through the lover's quarrels, sibling rivalries, and family feuds that have been had when only love is present between body and soul. When we let go and allow the drop inwards what happens in the research...Can you find the connection…

This is something only you know, something that only you can choose, and something that is entirely your knowledge from the rest of existence.

So when our human takes its final breath, there is no need to weep, there is no reason to feel sad, and there is nothing to be feared but rather a celebration for allowing the human to be as free as the soul to discover and uncover the lessons and growth that were meant for this life alone.

“And I said to my body. Softly. “I want to be your friend.” It took a long breath, and replied, “I have been waiting my whole life” ~Nayyirah Waheed~


Final words from Tara

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