Mentoring And The Resistance

People often ask “what do you do in mentoring sessions? Talk?” The short and simplest answer from me is, “yeah we talk!” To one sitting on the outer edge this might seem crazy, but there is so much more that we do through the subconscious to the conscious, but only if one is ready. Ready to drop in, take the plunge rather then dip a toe in to try the water temperature! If you are really ready, to take the about face turn on the path and walk inwards. That’s when you would think about mentoring... It’s not something that I can give one answer to, for your journey is totally unique to self. There is no set way, no fast track one way highway, but a journey of winding pathways through the deep gauges of you and you alone. There are your own demons to befriend in the deep caves of your mind, there is the game tug of war to play between your head and your heart, there is countless time to be spent with you and you alone as you stand in front of your internal mirror and look deeper than you ever thought possible. This is the journey of you my friend, and once we actually come to understand that this adventure never ever ceases to finish but is forever unfolding, then you meet the resistance that wants to fight! Drawing upon your sword and shield to do battle with no one but the self! And after each battle we may sit and lick our wounds for a while, but after the victim self subsides, we stand back up and do it all again from a freshness, a new brighter space as the sun rises again on another day, the re-birth, to take the path and move on inward once more.

When we start to move the furniture out from the inside, the clutter, the clearing out of our internal house, making room and space for the unknown, all of a sudden the storm starts to build and everything that we thought we had set perfectly in place, gets blown away... Once the tornado has been through and shifted everything on the internal, that’s when the external starts to align and the movement in our physical world, the tangible, starts to morph into alignment of what we didn’t expect and perhaps what we could have never anticipated. Things we thought were always going to be, are no longer, the feelings and beliefs we held, no longer stick, and perhaps there is an unease as we step into the unknown, a fear that rises from deep within the belly for the unknown of what is next, and then all of a sudden we take the dip on the roller coaster, throw our hands up in the air and scream as loud as we can, while we peel off the next layer of ourselves. The journey my friends is long, very very long and only few will take the leap into the unknown to venture along the road less travelled, and that’s ok.

Sometimes we fool our own self convincing oneself that we are doing the work! Making excuses everyday or saying tomorrow I’ll start, today I’m to busy. Making things look perfect on the external while the internal gets pushed to the side! It’s okay to be here, just recognise it, know where you are and rather then create a facade to the self and the outside world, be truthful about you and where you are along your journey, watch how you comment and judge others on their journey, but first take inventory on self, we all start somewhere right! and maybe today is your starting point to the bigger picture, the journey of the self rather than the projection of self. So I suppose what we do in mentoring sessions, is just talk! If that’s how one wants to receive it


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