And you, how are your memories?

Isn’t the memory a fascinating thing... moments in time once forgotten come flooding back, as though your caught in a trance. You can touch, taste, smell, hear, and recollect everything from that specific moment marked in time...

Almost like a smorgasbord of sensory stimulation. Sometimes there good, sometimes there bad, but the most interesting and iconic part of all is that these memories are exactly what shaped you as the human you are today. Your personality was developed completely by the time leading up to your 6th birthday, life situations and environment’s moulded your adolescent years, while decisions and choices you made shaped your adulthood! Of course our minds manipulate and shape shift certain elements to exaggerate our stories with tiny little point’s, into something gigantic and exciting.

But hey! We are only human, right...

So now with this exact thought! The one where you get to choose the memories your recite and pick the ones you want to push deep down into a box, tape that shit up, and stuff it so far into the unconscious part of your mind, that you hope all will be forgotten and perhaps lost in time....

Hahahahaha yeah right! Maybe in this lifetime you can keep playing the game of “cat & mouse” with your mind! Or perhaps it’s time to go up into the attic of your memory and go through all the boxes you have stored from lives lived, bring them down one by one and slowly start to sift through the otherwise forgotten moments in time. Allow yourself to dive deeper into your unconscious holdings, beyond where you thought you might go, and keep going!

Start back at the very beginning, in stillness, in silence, exactly where you yourself began, a single focal point. That moment before the vibration of life began it's cycle again, allow meditation to be your bridge between the now and the then.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory"

~Dr. Seuss~

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