Pure love...

Already the end of January in the New Year... Say what? Like most people this month I discovered that I was already strapped into the roller coaster ride that January proved itself to be before the ride had even started, the twists and turns we took to find balance, trusting in the knowing that everything is exactly as it should be, whipping through the highs and lows of re(member)ing relationships, and finally halting to a stop at the power station in the pit of my belly.

With winter kissing my skin as I wake in the mornings, Alfie (the cat) sleeps close by my side, making it a little tougher to move away from the warmth of my bed sheets for my morning practice, but slowly the heat of the morning desert sun glows and starts to warm the marrow in my bones.

Change of direction becoming clearer as I swim in the stillness of meditation each morning, restoring my faith in taking steps and knowing that the way will appear. Allowing the doors to open and peeking in, to see what’s on the other side. The practice of pranayama that follows the stillness, blows away all doubt of the unknown, just as the freshness of winter's breath clears the air for the dawn of new season’s to come.

The month of February begins with courage in our belly's and love in our hearts with the new moon passing by Leo's den, making way to clear our ego (Chakra 3) and open ourselves up to love in all it's forms, pulling away the layers one by one to understand that at the core of everything is love. Pure love.

Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction


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