Back To Balance

It’s taken a couple of months for me to get here… But finally I feel like I’m standing back on my own two feet again, The tornado that tore through my time has passed and sun is shining back in the sky. I’ve written before about balance, several times in fact, but my recent bargaining tactics failed with my old friend, and so creativity left my side as a reaction to my weakness.

People were telling me over and over, “you really need to be writing”, “write about not being able to write”.

But not until this point, have I been able to even type words one after the other to form sentence’s, in living the truth of my fire element, I’ve been simmering under the surface, the orange hue of ambers staying lit waiting for the tornado to pass. I’ve learnt in recent years not to react to my reactiveness but rather sit back, be patient, watch, listen, and understand the self. Don’t push for something that isn’t there, but sit in the flow of time and observe.

I landed on the edge of springtime in Australia to commence Full Time studies in Complex Trauma through Yoga. And as if I pressed, the fast forward button on my time remote control, 2 months later + 16 classes + 4 assessment papers down, I’m in the belly of the beast known as Trauma. I am captivated by this topic that runs deep into the crevasses of our veins, that embeds itself quietly and calmly, over the years that turn us grey, so elegantly that we know it as us, you, me, them. These pages of a life lived; written one after the other with enthusiasm to bring together the chapters of time, the observations of self and in sharing the philosophy of wounds left unhealed, one foot after the other we travel the path itself together.

I’m snuggled back into my dusty desert home in Kuwait city; unpacked my suitcases, and reverse parked myself back into balance. Gently I am reminded, that time is in the mind; create the space to fill again. But fill the time with pieces of you. As I look forward to the next 12 months of rides and games at the show, don’t forget to pre book your seats for the flying trapeze show, I’ll be there waiting for you, so that we can remind ourselves that life swings up, down and in colorful somersault’s at times.

"Before you pass judgement on the one who is self destructing, it's important to remember they usually aren't trying to destroy themselves. They're trying to destroy something inside that doesn't belong"

~J M Storm~

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