The Distance From Heart to Mouth

A short stone throw away...

When you get to the big rock in the middle of nowhere keep going about another 1000 k's, and your there.

The road is very long my friend, very, very long...

While we move through life, we are handed scripts to read, and some of us are even paid good money to translate the words perfectly, line for line as the script tells us to do, and we do it perfectly. But what if all the scripts from your life disappeared? Would you go back and change your words? Maybe you might have even taken a zealous approach, rather then the robotic reader.

We take the scripted approach because it's easier not to feel, but rather just let the words roll out of our mouths in a way that's convenient. If we used our hearts to write our own script it would be an impromptu heart felt speech. Something that those listening would understand more and on the flip side of that coin, it's something we as the giver would resinate with on a level of depth, that maybe isn't convenient to the persona we are trying to uphold.

Scripts are used only to hide behind. It's the easy way out. And we get so good at memorising the words off the pages that they then become layers. Layers of facade that we build over and over again through this lifetime. Just like a snow capped mountain that never looses its snow, but rather it just keep receiving another layer of ice due to the conditions where it resides. And so we learn to condition ourselves, just like the mountains, we stand strong straight and tall ready to receive the next layer of words.

And so the question remains are you someone that speaks from your heart, or are you hiding from allowing your heart to connect with your words because you are scared? Scared to feel. Scared to understand. Scared to be the raw, vulnerable version of you - which is truly beautiful? It can be a lifetime of work to re-wire our minds into how we want to believe, think, and speak. But this is one choice you have control over. You can take back your power of speech at any given time. Why not now...

Don't let your ears hear what your eyes didn't see, and don't let your mouth say what your heart doesn't feel


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