In Limbo

There is a transient state in which we find ourselves in through chunks of time, a place between night and dawn, neither dark nor light. It’s space of stillness with a knowing that something is coming. Just like your standing in the eye of the storm.

However outside your realm of stillness, time is still moving while you sit in a state of pure oblivion. You know what needs to happen, but for some reason you feel the urge to just sit perched on the fence, and maybe hiding behind it momentarily.

When we make a decision we change our future, the wheels are set in motion and like a downhill rolling steam train life as we know it starts to evaporate, we either choose to sit and watch everything slowly fade away or we surrender to the tides of life and allow trust to bring the growth.

Trust in the knowing that there is no mistake. Every single thing you do brings growth and knowledge. Everything happens as it is supposed to at the exact right moment and if we could just sit back and silence our tongues then we would hear our inner voice of knowing.

If we allow our mind to get involved then everything get’s confused and what made complete perfect sense at the beginning now seems like your about to climb Everest with no equipment. And then we come back to trust… Trust is the key essential ingredient. In trust we understand that all is right. Whatever path we choose to take leads us to a different knowing, souls we were supposed to meet and gives rise, to our current self.

Don't think, start climbing...

You are a series of mistakes that had to happen for you to find you…


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