Trauma Yoga Therapy

Through experience comes lesson’s. Through lesson’s we learn and from our learning’s we teach others…

My life lessons have led me to this exact point of which I am proud to share and grow from in an aid to assist others through their own life journey…

For my regular readers you are aware of my demise and rise from leaving a domestic violent relationship

18 months back, This was my trauma, but there are so many different types of Trauma that snack on us as we take our steps through life - Neglect, childhood abuse, psychological maltreatment, emotional abuse, Loss of a love one, bullying, military trauma, natural or manmade disasters, and the list keeps going...

After my personal experience I was lucky enough to be partnered with one of Australia’s best Trauma therapists, who helped me reignite the fire in my heart that had been dampened, and find the space in my mind that I so desperately wanted back, but through a volatile 2.5 years had disappeared like the sun hiding behind the clouds as the storm approached.

The storm has passed so the sun, shines brightly back in my sky and the fire blazes fiercely in my heart, I’m embarking on a passage through studying trauma and how trauma and yoga synchronise in modern society.

After trekking the mountains of my mind and swimming the vast oceans of my own PTSD, I have come to a thorough understanding that it doesn’t matter, who you are, where you come from, or what beliefs you hold. We are all human and as human’s life occurs. And sometime we end up in situations, where all of a sudden it feels like you have been watching a movie play out your life, and the power over your life you had has simply disappeared into the crowd, and the people around you seem to have no idea that inside yourself you are sitting in a dark room, unable to breathe, sleep, speak, think, or eat...

From this exact personal experience I've started my studies with David Emerson the founder of Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) program, a sector through the world’s leading Trauma Centre in Brookline, Massachusetts by founder and Medical Director Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk.

Through this journey I hope to inspire and assist others to bring their minds back into their bodies and enhance the road to recovery through Trauma Sensitive Yoga around the globe...

"The single most important issue for traumatised people is to feel safe in their own bodies"

~Bessel Van Der Kolk~

*Read more from Tara on Trauma here in - Your Story Matters

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