My Why...

The waves slowly subside and gently I descend back into my physical body after my evenings slumber...

My spirit I gently coerced back to my physical body after its long awaited journey back home and my soul after being busy all night checking on it's mates far and wide, subtly seeped back into its human space so again together they live in this world as my human form...

Spirit is scared easy and after a volatile few years in its relationship to body, spirit left into the ether to wait for the time to be renounced. My body waited patiently, without knowing at times what it was without, just a shell of human existence taking its steps one after the other... And so spirit then descended back into physical from its years of watching and waiting above...

Soul often wanders in the evening, knowing it's a long way to travel each night to look over the human forms, that times past has delivered as soul family. And so in the early hours of the morning dawn, as the sun starts to warm the earths surface where my body lies, soul flies back and ever so gently arrives back into body.

It's amazing how in 18 months so much changes and when I take a sneak peek back to what was so clear, is now a barren dusty country road. One of which I'm happy to be here standing on the pavement now, looking back at with fond memories and a depth in my heart that this long desert track dug with all it’s strength so deep that my little pink heart bares the bruises of construction from a life lived.

So now, when I turn my head and look forward, the road is paved and at least on some days is clear,

As the rain washes away the dust. But what is paramount is the why.

Why physical, spirit and soul unify in this present moment as me...

"I exist to create safe spaces where people can open up to their internal feelings and experiences, so they can grow into understanding" ~Tara South

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