Why Yoga?

So we have made it, elegantly poised in the middle of the storm. Looking back along the dusty road, seeing how far we have come, tire marks carved into the dirt and some muddy bog holes way back there. Turning my head the other way to see what we have in front of us, a long winding road, up into the mountains, that goes way past where my eye can see. Here we stand, our Yoga family. In the middle of our 200hr YTT…

Days filled with fluid movement, sunrise and sunset find us chanting, humming, breathing and meditating… Which leads me to this question…

Why do I even enter into this weird world? Chanting the same syllables over and over again, for hours at a time? How come I sit in pranayama, making my lips vibrate, so my entire face itches? What’s the point to staring at a candle flame in a dark room, trying not to blink, so that my eyes water profusely? And why oh why, do I set my alarm each morning to wake up before the sun at 4.30am, when I could just snuggle up to my pillow and rest my bones?

This morning’s meditation led me to this exact questioning… And the answer is ever so simple… Because of the feelings, thoughts, and emotions I am left with, each morning after my practice. There is no other way to describe this space, other then awareness… I am left with a vast ocean inside my mind. The seas are clam, the breeze of my breath is subtle and deep, while my little pink heart, rests on the raft that I have built and placed out in my sea.

For these exact reason’s, I will continue along my journey, of whatever it is I am met with along this yogic path. Huffing and puffing, and doing weird sucking in and out movements with my gut, sticking my tongue out of my mouth, to roar like a lion, and chanting the same melodic sounds over and over again, along side my yoga family.

If any human being never having practiced these glorious teachings, passed down from generations, would look and at us, and think we were crazy, and mayyyybeeee should have a quick little visit to psych ward….

I’m proud of my learning’s, because they have taught me to deal with myself, and this glorious mess that we call life… But the most beautiful part of all this practice, is that I am met with myself. The most raw and vulnerable version of who I am at my core. Not what I have been seasoned to be, not what I have been taught over my years of existence on this earth, but the real deal... The power of what makes me tick, from the internal to the external...

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them"

~Galileo Galilei~

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