Create, Live, and Watch

Creativity comes from deep inside each of us. Sometimes we cannot explain where or how this happens, and from person to person, it shows itself in different forms. But I know this. Creativity comes from a truth, something that we maybe mask in our everyday living with doing our “norm”, and getting through our day-to-day stuff. When we start to melt away the layers we have poured over our lives, we step into something that can only be known as truth.

When you share your truth it unlocks a volt that leads to a vast corridor of doors for those around you. Giving all you meet the safety of space, to step into where they need to be to unlock their own truth.

When we mask who we are, we are met with the same. A storybook full of colorful characters, that greet us from fairytales we were told as children. The bad witch, the good witch, the knight in shining armor, the peasant, and so the story goes.

When we discuss the bare truth of life, we have the power to write our own story. But often we fear sharing our true state, for we worry about damaging our relationships, being seen as a different person, than we made out to be in the first place. We concern ourselves with being off beat, while everyone else seems to be in perfect timing. Baring your creative space is confronting at all times, and let’s face it. It can be out right tiring.

Life takes us through tunnels and roundabouts, there is one thing that is certain - time moves. So we grow each second. There are the moments when we rise, and then the plateau. The falls we feel are just to wake us up, so we can plant our roots solidly in the ground again and keep on growing.

Each time we bare our soul to the world, another soul meets us exactly where we are, mirrors us, and we are lifted again beyond a knowing that sometimes we forget exists, and then we remember. Like a vague dream we had last night, and all of a sudden our memory rewinds, and we land back in the place that we put on hold for a moment.

Don’t be scared of your greatness when things around you seem small, don’t soften your loudness, when life is quiet, and don’t take a step back when the crowd is moving forward. Instead turn on your favorite sound track up to high volume, and have a dance party with your truth, create, and those that are in the same place at the same time will find you. All you have to do is dance like no one is watching and the rest falls into place.

Three things that cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth.


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