Relationship Karma

Our relationships are born from our creative space, our sacral chakra, sex chakra, chakra #2, svadhisthana chakra, whatever you want to name this energy space in the body. It’s located above the public bone, and below the naval.

Often we enter relationships based on what we can take from them. When you really think about it, it could be as simple as “I like the way that person makes me feel”. This is great. But what are you giving and bringing to the table to meet half way.

All relationships are like an arm wrestle. Both parties at times just happy pushing against each other, perfectly balancing in the middle, no push, no struggle, and then all of a sudden “BOOM”, one person gets stronger and their weight, feels like it’s going to crush one’s self, while the other is weak and the muscle that once was used to hold you in balance, has begun to tremble and shake under pressure.

So instead on entering each relationship from a space of “what I want”, why don’t we enter it from, “I can give”… We might even find that each relationship is healthier from this space.

A space of karma, Giving. Not to receive, but giving for the love of giving.

When I look at all my current relationships, each of them is based on this exact point. Giving to the other, not to receive anything back but because, we want to give to one another because we love each other.

Ah, and then the point of loving another person. Anyone – Family, friends, partners. Well love is something that happens, as you create your space with the other person.

Again if you give into the relationship and not take – Love is formed inside the self, not from a selfish space of take, take, take. But from a wholesome, nourished space of giving from the inside, because in turn we are giving to ourselves.

This is how I believe we make friends and acquaintances. An acquaintance is like a business deal. You both know that you are entering the relationship for a particular purpose, you are both looking to take something from your relationship, and once the deal is done. It’s complete. You both go on your way, and back to “being acquainted with that person”.

But our friends are people we hold in our hearts, people, we love, admire and of course find the balance of giving and receiving.

So when you think, look, and truly be in your relationships don’t take. Give. After all, stable relationships should always be about what we can give, not what we can take. Or maybe you will end up with a lot of acquaintances at the end of your bodies existance.

“The best relationships – Talk like best friends, play like children, argue like husband and wife, protect each other like siblings” ~Unknown~

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