The Dress Rehearsal

What if life was just one big long dress rehearsal, and we were able to have do-overs... Would you want to do things all over again? Or would you be content with them staying the same?

It means that we could practice over an over again for the main event.

There wouldn't be any concerns with falling over, saying the wrong lines, or standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. So fear wouldn't even factor in. Sure you might have some butterflies in your tummy, while waiting in the wings to go on stage, but all burdens, anxiety and fear would disintegrate into dust with the knowing you have a lifetime to practice.

Each character would be analysed to the finest point, so we knew, what to expect from them. We would know what hairstyle, or makeovers suited us, as each point of age unit. And we would understand what to take and not to, so the path we travel on, remained easy...

And again the question remains... would you want this ease in life or not?

I mean who really wants to know what to expect. The hard days are there, to point out what the good days are. Lessons are given so we grow, we fall over, so we can stand up stronger, and memories are made to give us a story to tell...

If life was just a show that we were practicing for, our heart would never flutter with love, our tears would never fall with sorrow, and our mind would be board, within the first few years of the main event, taking place. Which brings me to point… We learn now, to be thankful for every single card we get dealt from the deck. If we don’t try, we will never know. If we run away, the next time, we win the race. We revel in sorrow, to party in the blissful.

Meet strangers with an open heart, allowing each character to define their role, on the journey of our relationship path. We watch each sunrise and sunset, knowing that everyday is a brand new day…

If life was one big dress rehearsal…

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