Astral Dreaming

When we are little, we find the darkness of the night is scary, because of things like, monsters, ghosts and witches. When we grow, the darkness is scary for a whole different reason, anxiety, fear, the demons of our mind.

There is a space between sleep and wake. It’s a space we only feel as it flies past and sometimes so fleeting, every inch of our being ache’s to go back, just to feel where we were.

But all of a sudden we drop, back into the present moment so fast, we are jolted awake. It’s the space we know is there, but too often we don’t speak about it.

Maybe because it can be so rapid in it's presence, that we are unsure if it’s true or not. We are sure we have been there. Our scenes know. But our mind discourages our knowing, and compartmentalizes it, into a tiny little box. Saying that there are no facts to support what we just felt. It was just a dream….

And maybe so… Or is it our soul experiencing something a little deeper into our astral world?!?

As I share my mentoring program around the world, I am asked this same question that I experience. What is this space?

And so it goes… I’m not alone. Others share this space too...

We all say the same thing. We find relevance to the experience being, so real, that we can feel it, smell it, and see it, as being as real as if we were completely awake and alert. And in most cases we awake with a knowing. Something so deep inside our intuition has been given an answer. Interpretation. A resolution.

This is the space of our Astral being. Where moments in time we can visit and go back to, without any resistance from our mind, of the memories we have about a person or a situation. We hold no barriers to the journey that came after that moment in time. We let our soul fly free to experience. Involving sometimes the good and at other times the dark memories, printed in our life journals.

Now through scientific studies our mind does not store memories, but rather our sense’s are stirred, light comes in via our eyes and memories are recollected.

Neurons in our brain fire to create thoughts or transmit information but again theses are not memories. So when we are of astral being, we have no influence from our scenes, or light. We are granted complete freedom to explore the unknown to create, inquire and survey our boundless possibilities.

Which leads me to the point of meditation. The more we meditate, the more we control the inside. It never matters what’s happening on the external, what matters most is what’s occurring on the inside. Those that meditate already know the experience it brings to their own life. It’s something so simple that it seems hard to put into words. It’s here where the walls of our skin mean nothing. The mind is subdued from it’s constant nattering and our soul is allowed to fly free through sitting in stillness and now it appears, as we sleep and wake also. So we find release. We are no longer jarred from past experience, but freed to climb the mountains of our mind, search the deep crevice's of our hearts and roam the valleys of our breath.

You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body

~C.S Lewis~

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