This Test Was A Doozy

It doesn’t matter who you are, how enlightened you are, what you do for work - you can always find yourself in situations that test, who you are and what you are made of...

This week past I was blessed to be interviewed by a journalist form my hometown newspaper, on a subject close to my heart that effects more people worldwide, then we care to know.

As this year progresses, its approaching “White Ribbon Day” in my original home of Australia, and this translates into bringing awareness to domestic violence.

As many of you know from my previous blogs and vlogs, I left a volatile relationship 2 weeks before Christmas last year. I have put in some hard work to get through it, and it still remains a battle on some days in my mind. I find as time passes and I move through this beautiful thing we call life, the wounds have healed, new memories are created and all that seemed like a big black hole, is now bright and radiant with new beginnings...

As the journalist and I delved deep into my past and I was slung shot back to a moment in time, where my mind felt overloaded with fear, not knowing what way to turn. My body small and frail, but striving for strength it clung to from the past. Guilt wrenching and over turning like a washing machine caught in my gut, and my little pink heart heavy with love for someone that didn’t know how to return it. So I went on and re-lived the feelings, emotions and movements of a time that shaped part of my soul today. I felt the anxiety, the fear, the entrapment, and slowly the tears rolled down my cheeks.

As the questions flowed I realized, that so many memories had faded into the distance with each sunset past, and time really had healed so many raw emotions, that when I was in them seemed like mountains to climb, with legs that were sore and tired and didn’t seem like they could go any further… But as we moved toward the end of the story, I realized once again that I can be changed by what happens to me but I refuse to be reduced by it.

And its here I stand, in my present moment, living and loving a life that has been shaped by events but not for one second regretful of what was and has been. I am stronger then I was before, with a heart full of love, a mind drenched in peace, and a soul that is on its journey through this life.

With enduring what was the hardest part of past so far, I have bared my soul to hope that my experience can help anyone that finds themselves at a point of desperation and lowliness in this life.

With love from me to you…

Your story is the key that can un-lock someone else’s prison – Share your testimony ~John Hagee~

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