Talk It Out...

Sometimes we just need to talk things out and be done with it! right?

There is a constant nagging in my mind that I know all of us have.

Do I discuss my past and maybe, in clinical terms “re-live” what has past, or do I leave it in my minds eye and deal with it, in clinical terms ‘suppress” it?

There is no right or wrong.

A saying I always remember from my childhood is “A problem shared - Is a problem halved” …

So now. Don’t question what needs to leave your being, if something is in the forefront of your mind get it up and out, but remember that what you have experienced in the past doe’s not define who you are today unless you let it.

Share, share, and share some more. Be mindful that you share with the right people in your world. Be prepared that we all need to go through things to make it to the other side and be gentle on yourself in every way especially if you are reliving something you find traumatic no matter how great or small you “think” the drama is in the mind.

We all have our baggage, and as far as I’m concerned I believe that our burdens are the same, and we all deal with our world in our own way. So never put yourself down or at the back of the line, saying that your quandary doesn’t matter, there will always be people in better and worse situations then ourselves because we compare.

But rather then compare, just be in your space and share what you need from the most humble space of all.

Your heart. Lean if you need to. And be a tree, for others when required. But never ever put yourself last.

Speak. Share. And you will see that your growth is never absolute.

As I teach daily, I bare my soul with those that meet me on their mat’s and together we walk the journey required for that exact time. Somedays I know it’s hard, and other days I see the lightness in people, as they make there breakthrough’s, as do I every time I teach and practice.

“Your story is the key that can unlock someone else’s prison, Share your testimony ~John Hagee~"

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