Our past experiences shape who we are in our present moments. Running at high speed we can try. Supressing our memories into boxes we close and tape up, to store in the in attic of the our mind’s we can hope will work.

And then just as simple as sitting down, everything unravels and all of what we think we have buried, grows at high speed.

Something then collides in our sense’s ... As simple as a sound, song, voice, image, aroma, emotion, and we are slung shot back in time, to a place we thought we left long ago but now resurfaces like a demon in our dreams…

We all know and hear to move on, we need to let that shit go.

But really there is letting go of what was, to be present. And letting go to be who you are now, not then.

It will never change the fact that your past has shaped who you are today and the triggers remain… Sometimes they lay dormant and other times they hit us like a bullet to the heart and take the wind from our lungs which seemed to work perfectly fine yesterday…

From my personal experience everything happens at the right time. Our triggers remain to show us where we are now from tides of time past, to let us remember who we were then to now, to let us revel in the beauty of what our life offers us along our journey.

Though our triggers remain and memories created good and not so good.

Be kind in your mind to yourself that revelling in your past is granted when required, moving forward is necessary to not become bitter, and loving yourself with all of your heart is imperative, no matter what your burden’s or worldly anxieties remain.

“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to reduced by it ~ Maya Angelou~"

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