Update from Kuwait

After landing in my new home of Kuwait City with food poisoning, I've finally made a space here in the warmth of the desert air, shopping malls and movie cinemas like no other!

The sun shines bright and the heat rises early in the morning. The city streets are quiet with footwork for heat, but bustling traffic flys by in the form of Porsche's, Ferrari's, FJ cruisers and so on...

An array of nationalities with a vast variety of clothing.

Dior, Hijab, Armani, Berka, Gucci, Dishdasha, Prada ...You name it. It's here in Kuwait!

The light shows in the evening on the city buildings bedazzles my eyes and as I walk the city streets I'm met with familiar food chains Starbucks, Texas steakhouse, Costa coffee, Pizza express, Marks and spencer etc!

Everywhere you go people are friendly and I am met with a smile every time I go somewhere new.

Food is available 24/7 on every single corner and home delivery is available at your finger tips... Whether your in the mood for tea and macaroons, or a healthy nutritious meal you will find it, and easily!

Taxis are around every street corner and so is the regular roaming street cat... So far the city and I have regular date's together as we get to know one another...

"Not all those who wander are lost" ~J.R.R Tolkien

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