Wales Yoga Weekender

Our Wales Yoga Weekender is back!

I’m so excited to see my yoga family back in the glorious rolling hills of Mid Wales this October. There is something so special about sharing time on retreat that I will try to put into words.

There is this space where all outside noises cease, our barriers and worldly anxieties desist and we connect in what I can only describe as an invigorating family.

We share things that surface when the outside world disintegrates, and we finally get the time for quietness of mind, love of self and peace in our soul.

And all of a sudden you sleep the entire night through to wake up with the sun as it rises, fill your lungs with fresh air, as you inhale deep for each yoga pose you take, and you sit still for more then 5 minutes of what seemed like torture before you landed on your mat here.

We test our beleifs with conversations, we find our soft parts and our edges so our limits go to our next plane.

I know that every time I meet what a fear, life rewards me. Just as Stephen Larsen said “ Say yes to life, even though you know it may devour you”...

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