Exhaustion..."This too shall pass"

There is a place between living and sleeping where we can find ourselves and I believe this is a place of exhaustion… We have all been there/here…

One foot in front of the other, right. left. right! but we do it and we get by and sometimes when we look back we are not sure how we got to that/this present point but we are there/here. living. breathing. feeling.

To look back shows us that we have memories. To look forward is manifestation of ambition. And to live presently is living in a space of feeling and love…

When wrapped in our cocoon of weariness, find calmness of mind by sitting for 5 minutes each morning as you wake… Courage of heart, by being open to every soul we meet, and love of self by looking at your own reflection in admiration.

Then the place of exhaustion will pass and we will all of a sudden feel like we can exhale, our shoulders soften, our heart beat starts again, and the clenching of our jaw releases and we find that we have made it, although maybe for a while a shell of hardness, and a interior of complete gooey mess. You are here… I am here… We are here… Together… Laughing at life…

~ While you are laughing you cannot be in the past or the future. ~


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