Just A Thought

If we can observe our reactions before they occur, then we find the source of where that thought has come from.

By witnessing our reactions we start to act from a place of love and calmness… By sitting quietly for just 5 minutes a day morning and night its true you can start to change your patterns through observing where the fingers of your mind take you!

Meditation is the link… The key… The section that maybe you have been missing between the Asana and Philosophy…

One of the key things I hear each week is that “I don’t have time” or “I can’t sit still”!

This is how it roll’s, : JUST DO IT!

Make yourself a comfortable seat, raise your butt above your ankle height, try sitting on whatever you have at home, blocks, books, cushions etc. Now get your timer set for 5 minutes on your Iphone, or iPod, or iPad or iMac whatever Ithingy you own. Move your spine in a snake like position until you are feeling straight! Press start on your timer, close your eyes and drop!

Let each of your thoughts come in, Recognise it. If it serves you no purpose release it and move onto the next. If the thought you have has a deeper meaning, then follow the thread of thought and see where the path leads you… If you get stuck on one thought and your recognise it, come back to your breath! In and Out!

Now there is no time like the present… This is it! Meditation keeps us present! Soooooooo Sit down, close your eyes and let the movie play play out. Every morning and every night!

After all its just a thought!

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