Isolation or Illusion?

As the years pass by of teaching yoga in studios, retreat centres, work places, and yoga shala’s a common theme amongst yogi’s information forms has surfaced.

When asked do you have any “medical conditions” the most common thing marked is anxiety and/or depression.

At the end of classes I often offer students a hand mudra to assist in balance if one resinates with a fellow yogi, they are invited to indulge. The most used mudras among men and women practitioners is taken by joining the pads of the thumb and ring finger together, with the intention of “the ego body” or “self esteem” mudra.

So is it that the rawness of the true self on our yoga mat that we bring to deal with our deepest fears moves us to our emotional body?!? Or is society now bread into a space of isolation that when on our yoga mats we deal with what we cannot in our daily lives?!? Can it be both….

As I stare down at my past nanas wedding ring that now encompasses my finger, I wonder is this something that has been passed down from generations disappearing or is this the illusion we have created to live in…

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