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Created by Tara South, an Aussie who shares her love of the practice with her global yoga family, Mandala Yoga Meditation Retreats exists to deliver Retreats & Yoga Teacher Trainings from an authentic space. This is our purpose.


Tara's extensive knowledge of Yoga is available to be experienced through International Retreats, Workshops and avant-garde Yoga Teacher Training.

While each individual will gain the knowledge and experience outlined in the descriptors, it is important to us that our yoga family acquires the confidence to step on their mat as an individual or as an esteemed teacher.  We are driven to help you develop self trust and to understand the overriding philosophy that no style of yoga is "right or wrong". 

Our yoga family members are given one on one time with our lead teacher(s) to assist development in your own practice, the understanding of meditation in all it's forms & styles and karmic actions on and off your mat. In a world that has become more 'exclusive', Tara is passionate about creating an inclusive community.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self"

~ Bhagavad Gita

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"It is here where my soul recognises your soul, where there is no distance or difference between us. It is here where we breathe the same air, we share a very similar skin and we walk upon the same earth. It is here where we are the same, where we are one"

~ Tara South