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Mandala Online Group Mentoring Programme

I am delighted to hear that so many of my Mandala Fam Bam have taken the leap into doing their 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, or have started to deepen their own yoga journey. It fills my heart with pride that so many wonderful souls are joining the yoga teacher community, and the beautiful life-long journey that goes with it.

I feel it's my duty as well as passion to help guide, support and encourage new and developing yoga teachers. This world can be a difficult one to navigate at times, and it's nice to create a safe community where we can turn to if needed! With this in mind, I am excited to introduce the new Mandala Group Mentoring Programme!

The first group meeting is on Thursday 4th March, so sign up quick!

What is the Mandala Group Mentoring Programme?

This is a Group Mentoring Programme, which means we support each other as a big, loving, global community. Once a month we will meet online to chat, discuss and talk about personal aims, any sticky areas, and targets for development. Each mentee will also be paired with a Yogi Buddy - someone you can chat to, check in with and get support from between the group sessions.

Who is the Mandala Group Mentoring Programme for?

This programme is for all yoga teachers who have completed their 200hr YTTs and are looking to connect with like minds in the industry, or perhaps looking for a little support on their journey as a teacher. Whether you are just starting out as a teacher, coming back to teaching, getting prepared to teach in the future or looking for encouragement with personal development. You don't need to be teaching to take part - the aim of this group is to help you grow and feel confident for when you do decide to teach. 

Will I get personal mentoring from Tara?


Yes! Not only will I help mentor you in the group sessions, but each mentee also gets 3 half-hour sessions with me that can be taken within a six-month period. That will be personal one-on-one time together!

Sounds good...can you break it all down for me?


So with this Group Mentoring Programme, you will have:

- Monthly group online mentoring meetings with all the mentees and Tara

- A Yogi Buddy for in-between support

- Monthly worksheets to complete before each meeting to track your achievements

- 3 x half-hour one-on-one mentoring sessions with Tara (taken within 6 months)

How much does it cost?

This is a monthly donation only programme, so we ask for you to give what you can towards your membership each month. We ask you to set up a monthly direct debit, but of course, you can change your amount if your financial situation changes. Just as a guideline, the suggested donation per month is $30 USD.

I WANNA DO IT! Where do I sign up?

YAY!! If you want to join our Mandala Group Mentoring Programme, just send a message through the form below and we'll get back to you to get you signed up!