The real world sucks sometimes - am I right? We know it all too well, and that sometimes what we need most is to run away. To escape to a completely different space and allow us to just take a long exhale. 

This is why I created Mandala Yoga Meditation Retreats (Mandala YMR) - to provide a space for anyone who needs to rest, restore and re-ignite from the inside out. 

I only take you away to the most blissful, beautiful places I have found on this earth (so far) that allows you to come back to you.  Each retreat is theme-based all the way through, complete with meditation, pranayama, asana, workshops, healthy and delicious refuelling food, and private session time with me.

We will spend 3, 5 or 7 days in our little bubble, depending on the location and purpose behind the retreat itself.  Plus, depending on where in the world we escape together, each retreat has its own additional activities. Surfing in Sri Lanka, workshopping in Bali or rambling in Wales - let’s have some fun and connect!

The main thing that I want is for you to make the retreat your own. You have given yourself the gift of space and time, so soak it up in whatever way you wish. If you fancy completely cleansing and purifying, you can. If you want to bring a bottle of red to celebrate with, you can do that too! Just make sure you pour me a glass to enjoy with you ;)

We are currently planning more Australian Retreats during 2021. If you are interested in attending, please let us know!​

Words from our Mandala Yoga Training Family

Tara is an exceptional yoga teacher and general life mentor.

Arriving in Morocco for a Yoga Retreat - I was dubious that a week of yoga / meditation / calm could fix me after several health problems . Couldn't have been more wrong - her healing words , guidance and kindness made for a wonderful experience and enabled me to open up and start to look inwards and work on myself .


Coming back to the UK finding a teacher of similar standard was hard BUT at least I knew what to look for - a passionate, kind , strong friend for life . 


Tara is EPIC. 

I'm lucky to have been introduced to her x

Katie | U.K

Tara is quite simply the best yoga teacher I have ever had. I met Tara 3 years ago on a yoga retreat in Morocco, and she was the reason I returned twice more in the 2 years since.

Tara’s teaching is inspiring, she manages to connect with you as a student in a way that makes you feel relaxed and safe, whilst also motivated and inspired. When I went on retreat, I was exhausted and all I did was work. I expected to unwind, restore and recharge my physical body, but I had no idea that through Tara’s teaching I would genuinely unlock another side of me that I’d never met before! 

Her dialogue in class, the way she links physical, emotional and spiritual concepts, the music she plays and the ways she guides you through both postures and meditation, had a real impact on me – it made me wake up and realise that there were other things in life that had huge value and would be worth me putting some of my energy into them. I came home a genuinely different person. If you have the opportunity to join Tara on retreat, then absolutely go for it.

I promise, you will be the better for it. :)

Holly | U.K