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Trauma Sensitive Therapy

Throughout the last few years of group and individual Trauma Sensitive sessions, I have come to the complete understanding that there is no “one way” for our sessions together. So it’s important for me to say that our sessions are shaped around you as an individual. It matters to me on how you show up on that day of your session, what’s happened through your week, and where you are on your journey at that current time.

My Qualifications

Yes, I am Trauma trained through The Trauma Centre in Brookline, Massachusetts. Which gives me this fancy accreditation of a TCTSY-F (Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator), and I have completed courses in people management, hostile work environments, and many other people, yoga, energetic, meditation and breath orientated courses!
My Experience
Through the last 20 years of study, I have been working with a diverse range of cultures, genders, and age groups across the globe which has led me to the way I navigate our sessions today. I meet you where you are at on that day, and together we journey through any topics that arise to be met.
Together we utilise a range of modalities from Trauma philosophy, yogic heritage inclusive of movement, breath, meditation, along with a bag of tools I share with you as the time is right to assist you organically with forms anxiety, depression, and stress.
I have experience working with people who have mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, personality and mood disorders. I’ve had extensive experience in working with women and adolescents with a focus on complex trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and dissociation.

Sessions with me

Trauma to an individual is personal everything is offered via choice making, so you as an individual have the power to choose and decide what feels right, allowing a sense of control of your own body based on a felt sense.
From a session with me, you can expect:
  • Our huddles are 1 hour each session
  • The entire session is based on choice making and you as the individual have the power to choose what feels right for you at that time
  • Sessions together may have some chat check-in time
  • Some session we might dive into some movement-based therapy modalities
  • Perhaps some breath or meditation tools for you to take away and utilise
  • Maybe we visit forms of expressive therapy, for example, writing or drawing
  • Discussions and a little forward plan for the week/months ahead
If you feel like you’ve read some if’s, but’s or maybe’s, that's because this is all up to you. The session will be how you feel, on that day at that time and I’m simply here to facilitate that!
Price: $120 AUD ($95 USD) for a 1 hour session

“Recovery can only take place in the context of relationships. It cannot occur in isolation”

~Judith Herman~

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