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Mandala YMR Online

You know I want to come home with all of you, and if I could split myself into a thousand pieces I would! But until the science kicks in, here is the next best thing. 

Mandala YMR Online offers you a suite of online yoga experiences, so you can have exactly the practice you want in your own home. All taught by yours truly.  I have made this online space with you in mind, with all my love. It's an honour that you wish to keep our connection alive, far and wide, and that we can continue practicing together. 

I will be continuously updating the page with new content, so make sure you keep checking in for more classes, courses and offers! If there is something specific you are craving from me, please get in touch - your voice means the world to me.

Enjoy, and see you on the mat ;)

Class Series

Class Series

As you know, in my classes it's important I take you on a journey. With this in mind, I have carefully curated a series of classes, to specific themes, to take you deeper into certain areas. Each series is a bundle of 5 classes on the chosen theme, with classes at a variety of lengths and a special Spotify playlist for every session. 

Take a look and see if there's a series you fancy taking!



Meridians Focus



Flow in the Elements



Morning Flows

Tara triconasana.jpeg


Medicinal Invigoration

Tara South Yin Yoga.jpg


The 5 Elements



 A Tonic Release



Mega Mix

Live Classs

Live Classes

No matter where you are in the world, the beauty of modern technology means we can connect in one space. Although pre-recorded classes are great, there is nothing like a live session where I can connect with you in the same space in time. Therefore, twice a month, I'll be hosting 90-minute online live classes with specific themes. I'm loving that you and I can continue to play on our mats through these live sessions - now let's get yoga'd!

Currently, there are no upcoming live events. But I'm always conjuring something, so check back regularly for more fun stuff! If there is something specific you fancy, maybe a workshop or class theme, pop it in our

Care to Share Box!


See below the set dates for the live class dates and their themes. Check back regularly for more dates and themes!

Chin stand .JPG

Vinyasa Class:

Fire Up The Core

- 16th May -


Vinyasa Class:

Mandala Flow - Water​

- 4th July -



Making Transitions 

- 30th May -


Suprise Class:

Tara's Birthday Bash

- 25th July -

TV YOGA-14.jpg

Yin Masterclass:

Disintegrate to Invigorate

- 13th June -

TV YOGA-13.jpg

Yin Masterclass:
Kidney Gall Bladder Tonic
- 15th August -


Vinyasa Class:
Pranayama. Meditation. Asana.
- 1st August -



Yoga is a big wonderful world, and I want to take you deeper into it. I have put together a number of courses on specific areas of Yoga that I love and cannot wait to tell you more about.


Each course contains video classes that include lectures and practices, as well as handout and homework to complete the course. Some courses are YACEP accredited, which are specifically for Yoga Teachers who have completed their 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. You don't have to be teaching, but to receive any Yoga Alliance accreditation you need to have your 200hr certification. 


Discovering the



Alignment 101


An Introduction to

Yin Yoga

At Home Retreats

At-Home Retreats

I know how wonderful it is to get away, but deep down there is truly no place like home. The place with all your own comforts and security, where you feel safe enough to truly delve into the most important thing - you. 
So I invite you to bring the Mandala YMR Retreat experience to your own home. With a carefully devised programme to a specific theme, you will be encouraged to take time for yourself as well as have the full ‘Tara’ experience. The Mandala YMR Retreat experience, is all up to you - how long your retreat is, how much you partake, and what you decide to do to get the most out of your retreat. I will help ensure your space is set up to be truly retreat like, and that throughout your time, you feel that we are together in a special retreat bubble.
Take a look at our upcoming At - Home Retreats, and I hope you see you (virtually) very soon!

Seasonal Solstice

- 5th June -


2 Day Intensive

- 1st August -

At-Home Retreat Kits

I completely understand that attending an At-Home Retreat can be quite a commitment. With our unique lives and schedules, sometimes it can be too much or the wrong time to add in one of my set retreats above. But I'd hate for any of my people to miss out!
Therefore I have lovingly packaged up our previous Live At-Home Retreats into At-Home Retreat Kits. Now you can do a retreat in the comfort of your home whenever suits you! Each themed retreat kit, inspired by a previous retreat, provides you with a guide to set up your retreat space, pre-recorded classes for each day and daily materials to ensure you get the most out of your retreat.
These kits are the perfect opportunity for you to give time to yourself, and allow yourself to retreat in your time, space and privacy. And of course, I will always be at the end of the line to support you.

Retreat to the Moon


The 3 Day Cleanse

Mandala Yoga Meditation Retreats


Yogic Traditions

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