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The Art of Assisting

14th - 15th August 2021
Newcastle, Australia


Learn the true art of assisting to deepen your student's practice


Assisting within a yoga class, whether as a teacher or assistant, is a delicate yet powerful tool when properly applied.  Join me at The Open Mind Space in Newcastle, Australia so you can perfect this art to allow you to elevate classes and deepen practices.
During this course, I will show you how to perfect your assisting skills to ensure you safely and effectively use this art to elevate classes and practices. You will learn how to do different assists and modifications, both hands-on and hands-off the students.
You will also understand how to assist and be of Seva, in both a teaching and assisting role.

When & Where

Saturday 14th August and Sunday 15th August, 8am to 4.30pm.
 Taking place The Open Mind Space, Newcastle, Australia.


15hr Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Certification

What to Expect

  • Postural verbal alignment training and physical adjustments aimed to deepen a practitioner's experience.
  • Building your confidence through giving and receiving feedback to peers and groups throughout the course.
  • Experimenting with verbal techniques to assist in teaching.
  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification with any organization.
  • Suitable for teachers with less than 5 years teaching experience, or
  • Advanced practitioners (minimum of 5 years regular, on-the-mat practice)

Price & Payment 

$500 AUD - Unlimited Members (at The Open Mind Space)

$540 AUD - Non-Members

Bookings are made directly through The Open Mind Space. Please click below to book and secure your place!

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Words from our Mandala Yoga Training Family:

I first met Tara in 2010. I was instantly intrigued by her yoga teachings, captivating personality, warmth and focus to help improve her students yoga experiences. I always look forward to practicing with Tara whenever she is in Australia or Asia with Mandala YMR.


If you're looking at starting out or are a experienced yogi, Tara will help enlighten and further enhance your yoga practice."

Chad | Australia

"Be someone who makes everyone else feel like they are somebody” – that’s a quote I’ve seen Tara use in her Instagram feed (worth following for gorgeous photos and sentiments). She is definitely the kind of person who makes everyone she meets feel special, listened to, and cared for.


I went on one of her yoga retreats in Morocco. Although I am fit and do pilates, this was my first ever taste of yoga. I loved it – and I’m sure that’s largely down to her teaching. I loved working on individual positions as well as the, quite frankly, addictive vinyasa flow sequences. She was very attentive to the beginners in our group and I never felt out of my depth, but at the same time I know she catered for the advanced yogis too, always providing different options. And she pushed me and other beginners to reach our potential - I felt supported to try more advanced positions when I wanted to.


I got one-on-one time with Tara where she helped me come up with a series of moves to do at home, which I have used alongside her YouTube videos. 


Tara’s teaching style is varied and enriched with her deep knowledge, learned through her many years working as a teacher and studying around the world. She really knows her stuff – whether it is technical points on a position, information on how best to deal with an injury, meditation techniques, or the spiritual and intellectual side of yoga. And she has the most amazing, moving and motivational playlists to keep you going while you’re on the mat!

Emily | U.K

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